Please make sure you provide high quality images to support your entry. It is hard for the selection committee to choose works based on poor quality images.

Many professional photographers offer an art photography service. If you want to shoot your work yourself you should bear in mind the following advice:

Take your images with a camera rather than a mobile phone. Don’t use a flash and make sure your lens is clean. With glazed works, try and photograph them BEFORE framing. Photograph in bright, indirect daylight. Avoid shooting in direct sunlight. If you must use artificial light use a daylight bulb source. The camera should be straight and focused at the centre of your painting and the work itself should be straight - ie: not leant against a wall. Use a tripod if you have one. Use a low ISO (no more than 200) so that the shot isn’t grainy. With good, even daylight this should be perfectly possible. Pay attention to what surrounds your work - a clear background is best. Crop the photo in your editing software to get rid of extraneous detail.

Take the photo into your editing software and balance the image to match your work as closely as possible. Within your editing software you should be able to SAVE AS and rename the image - use your name and the title of the work as the image name.

Send us a high resolution image at 300dpi. Max memory size 20mb per image.

No watermarks please

When you provide photos please don’t watermark them. We cannot use them to promote the show or the award winners if they are watermarked.

Why do I have to put a swing tag on the back?

When we are hanging your works for the show we pull the swing tag over to the front of the work so we can easily refer to the details.

We need to know your name, the name of the work and the price so we can cross reference easily and make sure we represent your work correctly.

Packaging your work

You can use a packaging and courier service such as Pack and Send who specialise in shipping and insuring artworks or package the work yourself. Here is a LINK to some advice from NZ Post on packing your work to survive the journey.