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Organising Group

The three founder members of the Taman Art Focus Group (TAFG), Lewis della Bosca of ‘Impressions’, Glenys Forbes and Graeme Stradling, have been joined by seven new members to form a flourishing and multi-talented committee.  The team, Glenys (chairperson), Lewis (patron), Jane Smith (secretary), Paul Nankivell (treasurer), Stephanie Buck (vice-chairperson), Sue England (promotion), Nicola Reif (promotion), Graeme Stradling (no longer with the group), Peter Copp and Karyn Thomas, is already hard at work to ensure this prestigious event will run smoothly and none of those fine details are forgotten.

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Lewis Della Bosca - Founder / Patron

Lewis Della Bosca in partnership with his wife Glenys, own and operate Impressions Picture Framers and Art Supplies in Richmond, and have been involved with the annual award as instigators and  principal sponsors since its inception in 2006. Lewis had a vision of a national award located in the Tasman District, so in 2016 he invited Graeme Stradling and Glenys Forbes, both Ruby Coast artists to become involved. While maintaining a close connection with the awards as Patron and as a sponsor, Lewis would like to see the now Tasman National Art Awards further develop into a significant event to showcase Tasman and NZ art and artists.


Glenys Forbes - Chairperson

I live in Ruby Bay and have been involved in the running of Art Exhibitions for the past 20yrs, both here and in Western Australia. I am a Life Member of GMAEG (Golden Mile Art Exhibition Group) Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, Life Member of PANZ (Pastel Artists of New Zealand) and Founding Member of TAFG (Tasman Art Focus Group) currently holding the position of Chairperson.

I enjoy being a Volunteer as it is a way of giving back to the art world as well as the local community. It is also a great way to meet and mix with other artists.

My painting medium is pastel because it is so vibrant and tactile, you don’t have to wait for it to dry, it does not smell and you don’t use brushes.

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Jane Smith

I’m a professional illustrator, artist and graphic designer and our company Chocolate Dog Studio has been based in Mapua since 2010. I work closely with my husband Neil who is a photographer. I’ve been in the business since 1984 and regularly exhibit my work under my maiden name of Jane Hibbert. I love animals, especially dogs, and really enjoy the commissions I receive to paint pets of all kinds, I’ve also taken part in several online digital creative projects over the past five years. I don’t count it a good day unless I have drawn something or painted something - don’t care about the medium… pencil, charcoal, watercolour, oil, digital, whatever - as long as I am doing it. I have been known to get rather ratty if I don’t have a pencil and a pad within easy reach…

You can visit our websites to see the kind of work I enjoy: Chocolate Dog Illustration, Jane Hibbert Art, and Chocolate Dog Studio

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Sue England

I don’t consider myself an artist and that’s a fact!  But here I am, a member of Nelson PANZ (Pastel Artists of New Zealand) and have been for about nine years. 

When my husband and I emigrated from the UK to New Zealand in 2008 I had never painted in my life but an opportunity arose to take a ‘drawing for beginners’ class in Motueka.  This taught me plenty and provided enough confidence for me to arrive at Mapua Community Hall one Tuesday morning try my hand at pastels.  After three weeks, I still hated it but somehow pride and a measure of Yorkshire grit got in the way and I stuck with it; persistence has prevailed.

I am an art dabbler who has benefitted from plenty of advice and encouragement from within our Tuesday group.  Some of my work ends up in the bin, some gets pinned in the ‘gallery in the garage’, some gets framed and unbelievably, some pieces have sold.  All of it has brought pleasure.

So what is it that I can offer TAFG?  I have been fully supportive of Nelson PANZ throughout my membership, keeping records, writing for various newsletters and being active on the Nelson PANZ Convention committee.  I have a degree in biology (helpful) and am a graduate of the Institute of Personnel Management, now known as Human Resources.  My working life was very much involved with administration and management.  And I have a diploma in creative writing.  The skills I offer are practical to the operational needs of the group and I look forward to assisting with the development of the Impressions National Art Awards.

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Stephanie Buck

Since taking up painting again in 2011, I have been involved with the Tasman Visual Arts Group, and Mapua Art Group. Exhibitions are exciting, and I have enjoyed being part of the organising crew of many, both with TVAG and MAG.

Watercolour is the medium I work in - I especially like the natural flow, light, and transparency created by watercolour.

I am also a musician, and my long-time passion was to place a piano on the streets of Richmond for the enjoyment of all public, whether to play or to listen. I procured a very good Beale piano in 2013, and with the help of friends at Tasman Visual Arts Group who created the artwork, March 2014 saw my project finally came to fruition, and the piano was wheeled out for a grand opening.

I enjoy being part of a team to help ‘make things happen’ hence my recent involvement with Tasman Art Focus Group.

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Paul Nankivell

I’ve taken on the role of Treasurer for the Tasman Art Focus Group. I’ve been a resident of Mapua for 20 years and I’ve also been a committee member for the Mapua and Districts Business Association. I am looking forward to retiring from my construction business in a couple of years, when I hope to devote more time to my photography and artwork.

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Peter Copp

I have been painting since developing an interest at high school; I have lived in Ruby Bay since 1970 and have observed the local land marks and seascapes during my time here. The changing light patterns in the sky and the sea, together with seasonal changes I have found inspiring.


Nicola Reif

I am an Award winning Pastel Artist with a passion for wildlife. While I was born and raised in Nelson, I have spent part of my adult life in Australia. My formal training is science based with a Masters in Geology, specifically palaeontology. I am a member of the Pastel Artists of New Zealand, Pastel Society of Australia and the Wildlife Artists of Australasia.  I am a self-taught artist with a lifelong love of animals and a passion for using my art for Wildlife conservation. I am an artist member of The Wall to Wall Gallery, Bridge street, Nelson.